issue with over clocking speeds, and cpu temps

Hello, I have a few issues at hand at this moment.

A while back, in January, I over-clocked my CPU to around 4 GHz.
last week, I bought a new after market CPU cooler. The cooler master hyper 212 evo. so I over clocked it to around 4.1 GHz at the moment. i decided to check my temps using open hardware monitor. according to it, my temps stay between 10 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius. That makes no sense. Then i saw that the speed that my CPU is running at varying from 1405 MHz, 2038 MHz and the occasional jump to 4114 MHz. witch I'm expecting. Why is this happening? Is this a consequence of a virus of some sort or an over clocking error that I have made.

P.s I'm a first time over clocker and pc builder. I'm 14 and just started learning about all this 6 months ago. i am a beginner. Also i have another issue, my computer sometimes freezes and i cant do anything besides move my mouse. The only solution i found was to force restart my computer. Are these issues somehow correlated? Any help will be greatly appreciated :) oh and also i have an amd fx 8320 with mother noard asus m5a97 r2,.0
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