What GPU should I get for my upgrade?

I am currently looking to upgrade my graphics card. I have a intel chipset mobo, a 1500W power supply, and money is no object. What is recommended and am I able to use ATI cards, or am I stuck with Gtx due to my chipset?
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    You can use any graphics card, and since price isnt an option something like the 780Ti/Titan Black possible SLI.
  2. Gam3r01 said:
    You can use any graphics card, and since price isnt an option something like the 780Ti/Titan Black possible SLI.

    Thank you for the information and the quick reply.
  3. First,
    It's not the CHIPSET that's an issue you just need:
    1) PCIe x16 slot (PCIE version 2 or newer) which is almost a certainty
    2) Suitable Power Supply, again a certainty, and
    3) A CPU that won't bottleneck (i.e. i5-4670K or similar)

    If you want the overall best gaming experience I suggest you look into the upcoming G-Sync monitors at some point as well, such as the Asus 27", 2560x1440 one (144 or 120Hz).

    You can throw tonnes of money at graphics cards but it can NEVER be as smooth as gaming on a G-Sync monitor. Some links:

    If you've got great monitors now you may wish to wait or not bother, but just trying to inform you.

    What cards?
    1) Avoid TITAN period. They are a waste of money for gamers.

    2) GTX780Ti or 2xGTX780Ti is my advice:

    Many games don't look much different going above 1920x1080 (such as Crysis 3) on a 2560x1440 monitor so a GTX780Ti can pretty much max out most games at 60FPS though in some cases you might have to drop the quality level SLIGHTLY (I play at 60FPS on a GTX780 and the quality looks pretty close to what I'd get at maximum settings). I play several at 2560x1440 (top-down, "god" games that benefit due to small HUD/text elements).

    3D, Triple-Monitor or high-FPS gaming (staying above 120FPS to maintain VSYNC) is a different story in which case a 2xGTX780Ti is likely needed.

    If I was upgrading BOTH my monitor and my video card today I'd get the above Asus monitor and the Asus GTX780Ti.

    If you do get a Lightboost compatible monitor carefully read about how to use it properly as it's best when you can output 120FPS and maintain it with VSYNC ON. So G-Sync monitors can be really, really smooth at only 50FPS but you would not use Lightboost in that scenario.
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