Low Profile, Gaming(ish) Headset

I will be buying a Dell XPS 15 9530, and I need a headset to use with it. What I am looking for in the headset are:

This headset will be used for Video sessions, online chatting, and some light gaming
I am currently looking at the Turtle Beach ZLA, Z1, and PLA and the NOX Specialist Headset

Thank you in advance for your suggestions

P.S Any suggestions for a cheap gaming mouse is also welcome.
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    Do you have to buy a Dell. We get a hell of a lot of problems reported here. They don't have off the shelf components so you can't fix, replace or upgrade much easily. They have poor power supplies.

    Headphones under $50 US -
    choose anything under $80AUD
  2. i7Baby
    I don't have to buy a delll, but it is the most powerful computer I could find that can game, but isn't god for nothing but gaming. If you have other options, feel free to tell me.
    Also, which headset on that list would you reccomend I take a look at, it's is quite a big list. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. For the same money you would pay for the Dell, have a look at what you can get from other custom builders eg NCIX, Microcenter, etc. Or look here for pc builds of the same amount.

    What country are you in?
  4. I live in the U.S.A. Keep in mind I am looking for a relatively slim and lightweight laptop.
  5. Oh sorry. I thought it was a PC. Try an Asus laptop instead - more reliable.

    What budget?
  6. $2300. That's how much I was going to pay for the dell laptop. I need something that is thin with a gt 750m or better
  7. Crikey! 2300 bucks should buy you a ripper - i7, 8GB RAM, SSD plus HDD, GTX.

    Try newegg:

    Asus G750 or MSI gaming - both great.

    Compare specs and prices with what you'd get with the Dell
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