my lights went out when it rained i was on my computer now my monitor wont stay on tge first time it did that my husband got i

Monitor comes on when I turn my computer on but won't stay on
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  1. What make and model? If crappy probably doesn't like power spikes.
  2. try shutting down your computer.then switch off the psu with the switch on the back of the computer.then hold down the start button for 10 seconds.then switch on the psu and restart the computer.see if that helps.
  3. This is why you get a UPS battery backup or at the minimum a surge protector.

    By 'the monitor comes on' what do you mean? The power light? or do you see something on the screen? or just a flicker?

    When it did work for your husband did the system boot up to windows?

    Did you try pressing the monitor power switch? does the monitor stay on if you hold in the switch?

    Power surges caused by lighting can damage your system, monitor could be fine other things could be wrong.
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