Upgrading: CPU OR GPU

hey I'm planning to upgrade my rig, but I only have few cash.
which one is good to upgrade Intel Core i7 4770k or Palit GTX 750ti 2gb OC StormX Dual?
I have a
Intel Core i3 3240 @ 3.40 GHz
Palit Nvidia GTX 550ti 1gb
4gb Corsair (not sure which) ddr3
I can only buy one.
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  1. Get an i5 CPU and a 750 Ti. i7 is pointless
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    Definitely the GPU. You will want to get a new CPU sooner or later, but upgrading your 550ti will give you a bigger boost in gaming performance.

    EDIT: And Major is right, an i5 is just as good as an i7 for gaming.
  3. ok I'll Upgrade my GPU thanks!
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