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I recently downloaded Downloaded Crysis 3. After about 20 minutes i decided to go back and get Crysis 1 and 2. I also picked up mass effect the first one. I bought all of these games from origin. Crysis 3 works fine, but Mass Effect just wont launch and when Crysis launches the screen flashes black and i get a message saying it stopped working Windows will notify me if they find a solution. Im running windows 8.1 64 bit. I have a Asus m5a97 mother board, AMD FX 8320 stock speed, EVGA GTX 750 ti FTW 2 gb GDDR5 and 8gb of g.skill sniperseries clocked at 1600 MHZ. My graphics drivers are up to date as the auto update and they were all purchased online from the origin store.
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  1. Have you tried the "Repair Game" option by right-clicking each game?
  2. Not sure about Mass Effect as I have not tried it on the PC (2 and 3 worked fine on my PC though) but I had much trouble getting Crysis to play under Windows 7. The way I found to get that working was to only patch it to 1.1 and run it in compatability mode for Windows Vista and Run As Administrator. Patching to anything other than 1.1 caused the came to crash after about 5 minutes. I have the Disc version so I can patch to whatever version, but the digital version may not give you that option. Strangely Crysis Warhead that came with the Maximum Edition worked without issue.
  3. i tried the repair game on both games and nothing change when i try to launch mass effect nothing happens and crysis i still get the crysis has stopped working message. Im running windows 8.1 by the way. and like i said before i have crysis 3 and it works fine. Could the games being older have anything to do with me running the newest windows?
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    I know those games work on Windows 8.1, but I saw THIS which apparently involved a new key code:

    I guess you have to contact Customer Support. Tell them:

    a) You have Windows 8.1
    b) Your drivers are up to date
    c) The game data was VERIFIED.
    d) The game launching issues.
  5. Thank you photonboy and every one else for your help. But yeah that was the problem crysis needed a new one and for some reason mass effect didn't even have one. After about 10 minutes with customer service they both work
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