Need Specific Guidance on Setting Up My Home Wired & Wireless Network


I am moving into a new apartment and I would like to set up a comfortable Wired & Wireless Network for my family and personal use.

In my home there will only be one desktop pc and plenty of wireless devices/phones/tablets/etc. that my family will use.

How would I set up a wired connected to my desktop pc and at the same time set up a wifi network for the apartment without interfering both wired and wireless connections? How does this all work?

What products and cables/cords/wires/plugs would I need?
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  1. Ask the apartment what kind of router you should buy. You will need to know the options you have for internet to determine which hardware will work. If you do not even know how to setup a basic router I would pay the ISP to install the router for you when they activate your internet.
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