Which frame rate am I going to get?

I've been wanting to buy Titanfall for my laptop and I don't know how high fps I'll be getting.

I've sold my XBOX 360 and don't want to buy an XBOX ONE.

So I wonder what my frame rate is going to be when I play it on my laptop. I haven't bought the game yet incase I'll be getting under 10 fps.

Here is my PC specs:

OS: Windows 8.1

CPU: Intel Core i3-3217U

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000


and 1.80GHz
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  1. You will get about 20 fps on low settings. Word of advice, sell your laptop, and build your own pc, it'll be dramatically better. If you need help, jsut pm me
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    You have an ultra low voltage CPU which is designed to provide longer battery life and generate less heat for ultra thin laptops, it can't handle heavy tasks like gaming all that well. It's also soldered into your motherboard so even if you wanted to dismantle your laptop to upgrade your CPU, you can't.

    As said above, your best option for playing Titanfall without buying an Xbox One or getting another Xbox 360 would be to sell your laptop and build a more capable desktop system. If you absolutely must have mobility, then you can look at "gaming" laptops, but they will cost a pretty penny, and won't offer good performance for the price.
  3. It's very likely you'll get under 10fps, even on the lowest settings. An i3 isn't the best gaming processor and although the HD 4000 graphics are the best integrated graphics Intel has produced, you would struggle to get a playable FPS with them.
  4. This might help, but I don't recommend playing on a laptop.
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