MSI GTX760 TF 2GD5/OC enough for 1366x768 res?

This is my specs:
i5-3330 (3.0) (std HSF)
Asrock B75M DGS R2.0
Kingston HyperX Genesis 8GB (4GB x 2 channel)
500GB Seagate SATA III (considering to buy SSD Kingston HyperX 120GB for system only)
LG E1642 (analog only)
PSU Toriano 450W 80+ Bronze (12V1 + 12V2 = 40A)

Currently i'm using my old 9600GT 512Mb 256bits, i'm planning to buy MSI GTX 760 TF 2GD5/OC to replace my old (and beloved) 9600GT.

My question is... is that MSI good enough for my current screen resolution? and i quite worried about my PSU, will it be enough to power up that MSI GTX 760...

I need opinion for that....

Thanks and sorry about my broken english..
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  1. In games you should be able to hit Ultra in most games on that res. And yes the psu is enough but it's close.

    For the considering of a SSD. it would boost your HDD performance a bit too, i would defently recommend the upgrade. Though if you're running out of space, then you should buy a 1TB HDD and make the 500GB your system drive, and move games to the new HDD. ;)
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    The 760 is easily enough for 768p, so that's not a concern.

    However, your power supply may not hold up. The 760 takes twice as much power as the 9600GT.
    If you can replace your PSU, I highly recommend that.

    If you can't replace your PSU, a GTX 750 TI would still be a big upgrade. It's much faster than the 9600GT, and takes actually less power.

    If you need to replace your PSU but want higher performance than a 750 TI, then a GTX 660 + new PSU would be a good balance.
  3. Thank you for your quick response, really appreciate that...

    My budget quite tight here because that MSI GTX 760, i choose to buy the VGA Card first because i really need the upgrade on my VGA Card, 9600GT served me really well but surely it wont enough for latest games...

    Thank you for your quick response and opinion.. really appreciate that... :)
  4. For that monitor I would not buy the 760. You would be wasting a lot of money. Overkill. A better choice would be a 7790 or 750ti. Nothing more than that.
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