Vga port onboard video card isnt working.

Okay so here is the problem i have a cheap pc with on-board video card. The monitor and cable are working because i've used them before. I think something is wrong with the vga-port on the motherboard. When i try to connect the cable to the port i can slightly press the vga-port back inside the case. However i do not know if this is causing the problem because when i looked inside the case everything seemed fine, and the cable still goes into the port in a good way. The monitor gives the message 'no sync' and black screen. computer boots and all, just no image on the monitor. I have already done some research on this saying i need a pci-slot video card but on the back there is only a vga-port and not for pci. Another solution i have read about was the usb to vga adapter but im not sure if this will work so i dont know what to do please help me.
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  1. Looks like the onboard VGA is on its way out. First disable Onboard graphics in BIOS. Then get a cheap graphics card insert it into the PCI slot on the motherboard. Plug in your VGA cable into the the VGA port on the graphics card and use it instead.
  2. Hey thanks for your response.

    First off i would like to ask how do i disable onboard graphics without the monitor displaying anything.

    Second off i would like to ask how do i plug the vga cable into the vga port of the graphics card if the back of my computer case doesnt have an opening for a different video card. Unless i can remove a part of the case, because i have seen on the back of the case some things that look like they are removable and they are close to the pci-slots.
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    On the back of your computer, you will see silver metal removable panels. You will need to open up your computer and remove the screw from one of these panels next to the slot you want to use. Then you insert your new graphics card into the slot, plug in your connectors and power on your computer. You can disable the on board graphics once you have installed the new card.
  4. Alright thank you so much for your answer. I was really at a loss here :)
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