FX 8320 vdroop dropping to 1.26-1.28v under heavy load and @ 4.4Ghz but still runs stable through IBT, Prime95, and gaming....

Hello! Hope you had a good weekend.

First of all my setup:

FX 8320 4.4 Ghz 1.32v (stock?) /w Zalman Performa CNS5PX 92mm cooler.
Gigabyte 990fx-a UD3 Revision 4
850w Corsair TX850m
Crossfire R9 280x @ 1020/1500

I have disabled turbo and all power settings, my LLC is set to standard. Full load temps does not exceed 53c.

Anyway, under load like Prime95 and IBT the voltage drops like a rock all the way to 1.26v, but the weird thing is the cpu cores stay at a consistent 4.4 Ghz and the IBT test still passes under high stress while at 1.26v @ 4.4 Ghz. WTF? Is something wrong here? There's no way it's stable at such a low voltage. However, IBT shows success...

Should I just ignore it? Adjust LLC? I have a bronze rated PSU and not sure if I want to add more load to it considering I am nearing the 850w limit.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

TLDR; Frequency staying at 4.4Ghz. Vdroop dropping to 1.26-1.28 under heavy load and @ 4.4Ghz but still runs stable through IBT, Prime95, and gaming.... 1.26v. For 4.4 Ghz. Huh???
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  1. If it's not broken, don't fix it.
  2. theadler said:
    If it's not broken, don't fix it.

    But...4.4 Ghz at 1.28 is literally impossible. Isn't it?
  3. No; it's because Voltage drops to prevent damage as Ampage increases to supply more power.
  4. I'm running 4.62@1.36v. If it's stable live with it. Your psu has plenty to run that fx and a pair of 280x's.

    Voltage reported by software may not be 100% accurate.
  5. Best answer
    That PSU Is More Than Enough.
    You Can Run 2 X GTX 780 With That And You Only Have 1 R9 280X So Its Not The Problem With That PSU
  6. My 8320 is @4.4 and 1.285v and under prime95 drops to 1.280v and is rock steady so, no its not imposible.
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