which fan controller is good

deepcool rockmaster 3.0 fan controller


deepcool rockman fan controller
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    Depends on what fan you will use, rockmaster 3.0 max Power output is less than 40W, and rockman is less than 30W. If your fan use less than 30W you can get either one. If the fan use more than 30W but less than 40W, then you have to buy the rockmaster 3.0
  2. My system has 9 fans drawing total of 25.8watts & want to install few fans in future, I was thinking of rockmaster, could u plz tell me whether I can use a 3-pin Y splitter to connect 2 or more then two fans on one header of the fan controller [rockmaster]
  3. Yes, you can if the total wattage is still within the limit, and the speed of two fans will be same speed.
  4. thanks cin19
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