Few questions about my graphics setup and UltraHD

Hi. Here is my build...

Case- Carbide 500R
Mobo- MSI G45 Z87
CPU- I5 4670k
GPU- MSI 780 Ti gaming
RAM- 8gig Gskill Ripjaw 1600
PSU- Seasonic Gold 1050W

I'm considering buying an Ultra HD monitor in the near future. Samsung is supposed to be releasing a 28 inch Ultra HD monitor with a 60hz refresh rate for 800 bucks. Just an example. I've only seen Ultra HD on a 55inch Sony TV in bestbuy and it did look amazing. That was special Ultra HD content playing on that TV though. Anyway I have not seen a game on an Ultra HD monitor but I'm assuming it looks amazing as well.

My problem is that I hate not being at 60fps. I notice the stutter as soon as the fps starts dipping below 60 and I hate it. I've been reading reviews here on toms and other websites about PC gaming on Ultra HD and I don't like what I see in respect of FPS.

Firstly, to get anything remotely close to 60fps (in demanding titles) you need atleast two massive GPUs. I currently have one such GPU the MSI 780 ti gaming. Only problem is it has only 3gigs. The reviews I've seen here on toms say that the R9 290X performs much better in Ultra HD because it has 4gigs. The 780 ti gets similar average fps but also a much lower minimum fps than the 290x. But even Crossfired 290X with its 4gigs doesn't get 60fps in most of the demanding titles.

So here are my questions...
1. Would I be able to SLI a 6 gig version of my 780 ti with my current 3 gig version? If I used the 6 gig card as the primary would I have 6 gigs or still just 3 gigs? Provided they SLI together to begin with.

2. My motherboard runs one card at PCIeX16 but if I add a second, I believe they will both be running at X8. I've read that the performance hit is very marginal going from X16 to X8, something like 1%. Is this true?

3. I know this is more a matter of preference but what would you do? Provided you had the cash and were willing to spend it, would you go for an Ultra HD monitor? You would have to shell out for a second GPU as well right? For playable fps.

Or would you just buy something like a 27 inch Dell Ultrasharp monitor for like 650 bucks and call it a day?

Thanks :)
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    well, you cant sli cards of different amounts of ram, and sometimes you can with crossfire, but the rule of thumb is they have to be the same amount of ram. the difference between x16 and x8 speed isnt much, i wouldnt worry about it. i would personally not get such a high quality monitor, as you would probly need to sell your 780 ti and crossfire a couple 6gb version 280X's. i would just get a high quallity monitor with resolutions around 1600p, above that you cant see much difference.
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  3. no problem :)
  4. Hi :) I answer your first question here first :)
    1.Eventhough you crossfire or SLI the main factor of GPU that will combine is the stream processor from AMD or CUDA core from Nvidia and no the VRAM of each GPU will not doubled.It will remain at one VRAM volume which is 3GB for 780Ti.

    2.yes that is true.Here is the review:
    but the actual marginal performance is hard to say as each different specs will have different outcome and results.

    3.Ultra HD monitor for now is not a worth buy from my opinion as currently there is NO card can support up to 3840x2160 resolution,unless you can afford that new Nvidia Titan Z which is 3000$ or AMD R9-295X2 which is 1500$ and i doubting whether can they support for 4k gaming also.As for the SLI i would not recommend it as it is better to stick with one card to get 100% performance rather then SLI and getting only 130-150% performance(more or less but you will NEVER get 200%).As what i am using now is a Philip 32-inch LED TV as my desktop monitor and that is the maximum size for playable gaming monitor.Slightly bigger would become troublesome for me as its too big that takes time for me to look through the whole screen.Best stay with Full HD 1920x1080p for me and if you must you can try go to 2560x1440p but that might be a problem when you set the settings to Ultra and you might not getting 60++ fps anymore.

    Hope i helped :D
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