Which one of these microphones is the best for YouTube game reviews/lets plays, I'll also take suggestions

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  1. Hi HarryOnPc

    What are you looking to use the Mic for and also how will you
    A) Record it
    B) How will you connect it to your computer External sound Box or direct Mic into your PC


    James :)
  2. YouTube game reviews/lets plays that sought of thing as well as skype and game chat, to record the mic I use dxtory, I will connect it straight to my pc through into a sound card (asus xonar dgx).
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    Hi HarryOnPC

    Looking at those three Mics

    I would say the Stagg with a XLR to USB cable for a Easier to set Up system but for best quality the Pyle-Pro with a pop filter but that also is called a Shotgun Mic which Needs to be pointed towards you to pic up your voice.

    also you'll want a Pop Filter and a Desk Mic Stand like this


    Pop Filter

    Finally don't cheap out on parts as it will sound bad and also you'll then haft to buy new equipment in the end.

    So overall i would choose the Pyle-Pro for best Quality


    James :) :)
  4. In that case I'll probably choose the stagg because it will pick up my voice easier and already have a pop filter and desktop stand although the desktop stand is a bit cheap and horrible

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