Problem with Migrate for Win 8.1 from HDD to RAID0 (2xSSD)

I installed Win 8.1 x64 Enterprise over Win 7 x32 on 1 TB HDD.

All working well.

I have 2xSSD in RAID0 now and want to migrate system to there. I bought Paragon OS migrate to SSD 4.0

Program working well on all steps.

In BIOS I set RAID0 only one possible boot disk.

When PC run, I see multi-system load menu on black screen with Windows 7 repair options and NO WIN 8.1

I formated RAID0, and repeat migration wizard process. It didnt see Win 8.1 when I try boot from target disk.

So, what is the problem? Help, please

P.S. Additional info here:
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  1. windows needs raid drivers installed, it's looking to boot from a achi drive and there is not one.

    personally I wouldn't bother raiding SSD's.

    Check this: and ensure it is safe on 8. boot 8 on your old disk, run the fix, then shutdown, and move to new disks, startup and it should just work.
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  3. Tnx. I refused idea SSD RAID0 and native Samsung Data Migration did migration process easy and from 1st time...
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