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So, long story not so long, I've been having bsod issues while gaming. The weird is, not exactly "ingame", but 3 times after hitting quit in BF4 and twice after hitting ALT+Tab during games. The games itself run perfectly fine. I ran memtest86 about three times and always got one single error in test 8. To test if the issue was bad mem or bad mobo slot, I swapped memories with my old computer and ran memtest86 again on both computers. Surprisingly, both tests passed without errors. I figured it could be bad or dirty contact, so I cleaned both mem and slot. After one more run of memtest , it passed with no errors. I figured I'd solved it, but I got a bsod again in the same circunstances...but now mem test shows one error in test 8 and two in test 5. Should I RMA the mem? Is there anything else I can do?

PS: My rig is about 2 month old and memtest shows only 1 bit in error (dunno what it means)
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  1. What mobo, CPU and model # of the DRAM
  2. Right, it`s an Asus Z87M-Plus, i5-4670k and the mems are 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance Pro, CMY8GX3M2A1600C9
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    Check your mobo website for a BIOS update, they may have needed a DRAM update, if you have the current BIOS, try raising the DRAM voltage to 1.55 (perectly safe) then if problems persist would RMA the DRAM
  4. I have read about raising the voltage a little bit before, and I understand that by doing so I may end up with a perfectly safe and stable system, BUT I bought RAM that it's supposed to work at 1.5V, so wouldn`t it still be defective? And yes, I have the newest BIOS
  5. Then go ahead and RMA it, was just saying it's possibly the BIOS, the BIOS takes the info from the SPD of the DRAM and then tries to set it to the correct parameters, most all BIOS updates are full of updates for DRAM, and other odds and ends, the manufacturers generally only list 1-2 things that are in any give BIOS update
  6. So, im definetely going to RMA it, but just for curiosity. I upped the voltage to 1.55V and gone from 3 errors to 6000+ errors. Nice...
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