Which is better? Stock HP 3000 Pro Intel (r) g45/g43 graphics or an old ATI X1950 Pro pci express?

I just want to play games (sometimes) like Starcraft II , maybe some older fps, in high quality, maybe need for speed, I have a 600 watt power supply to replace the stock hp power, but not sure if it's worth it. I know the x1950 was great during it's time, just not sure how on board graphics have improved. Thanks in advance for the input!

Basic PC Set Up (Yes, I know it's old but it's all I have!)
Windows Vista 32Bit
Intel Core Duo E7500 @2.93Ghz
(2) 2 Gb memory w/ only 2.87gb recognized.
ATI X1950 Pro PCIE 256mb
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  1. easiest fix is to expand to 4 GB memory and replace the video card. even the weakest card is more powerful than the X1950 now
    from the hierarchy chart:,3107-7.html

    the R7 240, bottom end AMD card, is 4 steps up.
  2. haha oh wow, this x1950 is a couple pounds heavy too!! That stinks, I thought it was gonna be really good!. I have 2, 2 GB ram installed but only 2.87gb is recognized, not sure why. My uncle just gave me the computer for free, would it worth investing $100 or so on a video card to play some basic games. He gave it to me for school projects, but I want to play some cool games too. lol I know it will never be able to play today's games, but there's plenty of good older games out there.
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    oh a $100 card (a R7 250X) would allow modern games a medium settiings.
  4. Thanks!! Time to cut some grass and get some money!
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