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This summer I want to build a home server with all my TV shows and films stored on it in one central location in my room but I want to be able to access all these shows over my house i.e. Living room, Bedroom etc. Can anyone recommend any devices I can use to connect the server wirelessly to my TV's and what software i should add to my server to organize all the shows and allow them to be accessed through the boxes connected to the TV's. I.e. Windows Media Center. Any links would be appreciated.
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    Windows 7' Media Center is more than enough for simple organizing. You could boost it with commercial or free DLNA servers (I am using TVersity at home), or replace Windows with media-oriented Linux distro (MythTV comes into mind).

    As for your TV - to connect wirelessly, you can get a "Smart TV" with DLNA support, or Roku-type device for streaming. If you wamt wireless monitor (that is, to show e.g. your gaming on the TV), things are muich more complicated (and expensive).
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