Convincing My Parents To Let Me Build a PC vs. Buying a Gateway at Walmart

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some reasons to convince my parents to let me build a PC. They think I should just go out and buy a cheap sucky Gateway at Wal-Mart. Also is building a PC hard? I've put a video card and RAM in a PC I have now. I've also done tons of research about building a PC. Thanks!
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  1. No it isn't hard just follow a few basic guidelines.

    Whatever you build will be cheaper and more powerful than an equivalent pre-built.
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    PantherHawk22 said:
    High School, they just don't think I would be able to get it to work, and think I would waste my money.

    I see... I have been through the same issue with my parents.. well, when I was on high school, I was also taking my studies to programming, so that kind of stood out in my excuse.... In your case, say that you're not only going to save money but that a better hardware can last longer, and that you are learning programming and you really need it.. IDK.. say that you intent to go engineering in the future and maybe you could learn somethings.. In any case, just say something liked to your education, thats what your parents want to hear... About they not believing you can make it work, tell them you have built a PC for a friend before, tell them you learnt it in school...
  3. Well, are you in high school, college or what? When I built my PC, I told my parents I would be using it for graphics processing in my Computer Engineering course.. It is an excuse that can be adaptable for any kind of school, as long as you are not a 8th grader or lower.
  4. Thank you so much! I actually do want to go into an engineering career. I can tell them that I can get engineering softwares to help me boost my knowledge in engineering! Thank you all!
  5. ok, building your own is way better, cuz usually pre-builts at walmart up-sell you with a massive amount or ram and storage, and use integrated graphics. do you have a set budget? and building it isnt hard, go watch a youtube video on how to build a pc :P
  6. High School, they just don't think I would be able to get it to work, and think I would waste my money.
  7. IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. It Will Perform 10x Better Than A Gateway.
    Tell them that ^

    Given that a prebuilt pc you buy at WalMart will cost $400-500, it will be a complete peice of garbage compared to building your own pc for $600.

    The benefits really are common sense when it comes to building your own pc, a $1000 computer that you buy from Origin/Digital Storm will have lower performance than a $1000 computer you picked out yourself. Almost always.

    It's so much easier building a pc than you think, sites like Toms,, will help you out with compatability and performance per dollar.

    Offer to put in a few bucks of your own if you want to spend more than they are willing to, so you can build something that is worth the money.
  8. well, before you buy it, post it on here and we can make sure it is 100% compatible and the best it can be for the price :)
  9. Here's my build! Any improvements/changes I should make?
  10. That's perfect! Glad to help! :)
  11. Actually, consider getting 2 x 4gb RAM and a R7260x would be quite an improvement
  12. if you can afford it, a better graphics card would be nice, like the gtx 750 Ti
  13. Ok will do, what would make 2x4gb better than 1x8gb?
  14. it would improve your multi tasking (very important in engineering)
  15. Oh, ok I might actually just go with 2x8gb.
  16. Even Better! :) Good Luck!
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