i need help choosing between 3 graphics cards

my components i have purchased so far are:
CPU: AMD FX 8350 133.99
MOTHERBOARD: ASUS M5A7 R2.0 Motherboard 79.00

i haven't purchased a gpu or a psu because i don't know which gpu is the best for my build either the: Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB OR Gigabyte AMD R9 270X 4GB OR THE Gigabyte AMD R7970 Graphics Card 3GB.

i will be playing in 1920x1080p and one single monitor/tv i will be playing intensive games such as crysis day z rust and also editing and coding :) appreciated if someone could also tell me what psu to get because i do not know how much i would need :)
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  1. the 7970 will generally give the best performance, although it's now been renamed to R9-280x.
  2. Of those choices, I would chose an R9 280x it performs better then a gtx 760 (it's essentially the same card as the 7970)

    But if an gtx 770 was among those choices I'd chose that. Just because nvidia's features.

    As for a psu, if you plan on going sli, I'd say a 80+gold seasonic 750w

    But if you're just going to single card, get a 80+ 500-650w

    Just saying this guy had an overclocked i7 and gtx 680 overclocked and got to around 350w's usage.

    here are some modular psu's I'd get.

    But because you don't have a side panel window,

    Non modular psu maybe?

    (these are Australian suppliers btw, just find the equivalent from where ever you buy your components).
  3. i do have a side panel window
  4. jimjams137 said:
    i do have a side panel window

    ah sorry, just looked up corsair 300r just for pics and saw the non-sidepanel window version.

    if you do care about looks, get a modular 600w psu

    if you don't, get a non modular 600w psu to save some money.
  5. ok thanks :)
  6. Best answer
    The 7970/280X is the best card and for PSU you'll want a a good 550, if you can find a 7970 it will prob be lest than the 280X, the 760 would be next in line and need a 500 then the 270X is at the bottom of the 3...The 770 is in the same price range as the 7970/280X and is the better card, would suggest looking at the Asus CU models of each, all run nice and cool and OC well
  7. is this psu any good i would really like to get this one but i don't know about the performance: Corsair Builder Series CXM 600W Modular 80 PLUS Bronze Certified
  8. so should i purchase this gpu: Gigabyte AMD R7970 Graphics Card (3GB, DDR5, PCI-E)
  9. Good card, think you'd be happy w/ it ;)
  10. if i do not purchase that gpu i was thinking of mainly getting the:Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 DirectCU II OC 2GB £172.99 because i had comment my build on youtube and he is apart of asus is youtube channel name is PCdiy he said "Additionally most applications have superior acceleration support for CUDA and if you plan on editing video capture and acceleration is great due to the integrated H.264 encoder offered on the card and accessible via shadow play."
  11. 760 isn't quite as strong as the 7970 from a a base clock end, but OCs very very well (as does the 7970, so between the two it's a bit of a toss up, I prefer nVidia cards myself
  12. Tradesman1 said:
    760 isn't quite as strong as the 7970 from a a base clock end, but OCs very very well (as does the 7970, so between the two it's a bit of a toss up, I prefer nVidia cards myself

    So I have decided my final decision lays into you're hands it's between the 760 or the r7970? .... Choose wiseley
  13. i have made a conclusion between the cards but its between you're choice which one would you pick the r7970 or the gtx 760? choose wisely :)
  14. Since gaming is involved, I'd go the 7970 for the slight edge at base clock but primarily the extra GB of VDRAM ;)
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