in my case its like that......lap top powerd up everything is working but black screen

sony laptop.....having black screen power light is on fan is ok sound coming but blaccck screen
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  1. either your graphics card took a poop, or the wires/connections to your screen (the screen hinges) are broke.

    try plugging in an external monitor or TV to your laptop, I'm assuming it has a VGA or DVI or HDMI port on the side somewhere. If you get a picture, then the wires are probably bad.
  2. Probably CPU not working. Or maybe screen gone. Or maybe cables between screen and keyboard damaged. If new, then return it for refund or replacement. Else take it in for repair.
  3. Check the buttons that control the screen like screen blanking they might be stuck also.
  4. Sometimes the "button that tells the laptop it is closed" gets stuck pressed down.
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