Using a 1tb SSD as only memory source. Good Idea or bad

I am curantly buying up the parts for my first PC build. when looking at SSDs a question popped into my head, " can I just use something like a 1TB SSD instead of an SSD And a regular mechanical drive?" I know that SSDs do die after a certain amount of writes or reads. I don't use that much memory, so i doubt that I will go over a TB. I was just Wondering if only having 1 SSD is a good idea or if i should stick to a SSD and Mechanical drive.
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  1. Do it at your own risk.
    1TB SSD's are very fast and having all your system memory on one is a PC builder's wet dream but you save a lot of money by buying a separate hard drive.

    Bottom line, do it if you have the money.
    I would recommend the Samsung 240 EVO 1TB.
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    Besides the cost, there's really no issue regarding reliability using an SSD over a HDD. HDD can fail unexpectedly too. With either, I'd make sure you do regular backups.

    On a side note, there isn't that much point having everything on an SSD. Usually operating system, apps and 1 or 2 favourite or slow loading games, they don't make much difference to other stuff. But if money's no issue, then go for it.
  3. You can use a 1TB SSD. Costs a real lot though eg Crucial M550 679AUD. Or you can, for the same price, get a 120GB SSD ($100AUD) to put Windows on and 2 x 4TB HDD (@ 200AUD) for data, other programs, etc. Or you can buy a SSHD eg Seagate 1TB 100AUD - not quite as fast as a SSD or as slow as a HDD.

  4. You could, I wouldn't advise it, SSDs are expensive and by doing so you are just shortening the life of the SSD on a daily basis, have seen people do this with large expensive SSDs and have then die within a year, where others doing the ame SSD and optimally setting aup a platter drive with it and directing the cache, temp, page file, etc to the platter are often swimming along nicely for years.
  5. Thank you all for your advice. Really helps out.
  6. No worries!
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