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I have a 4+4 pin that plugs into my 8pin cpu 12v. They are bulky and won't fit close side by side. I've tried shaving the sides off and trying to fit it in and looks like I've might have gotten them in. However when I power on I get nothing no fan, nothing. When I have the cpu power unplugged it turns on for a few seconds and turns off. Weird. I have read that a cpu 8pin will boot with only a 4pin but even when I think I've fit both it won't respond at all only when I have no cpu power the fan will turn then shut off
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  1. It is very common to get confused and use the PCI-e pin instead of the cpu pin.. make sure everything is alright, make sure your PSU can handle your build, if you have access to a multimeter, check the pins for voltage response.
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    Why would you need to shave them off? Arent they designed to fit right next to eachother if need be. Could they be upside down? Make sure the clips of the connectors are on the correct side to attach to the motherboard.
  3. They are labeled as mb 12v header. Unfortunately I do not have a multimeter. A 450w power supply should handle my build
  4. The wattage is not the only crucial factor.. Check the +12V pin current.. it should be at least 38A
  5. The 4+4 should each have a small protrusion on one side, those should be lined up side by side so they are right next to each other
  6. Dumb ass rookie mistake haha they were the wrong way... Haha embarrassing thanks guys :D
  7. No worries as long as all is well now ! ;)
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