computer wont stay connected to the internet....

I have a dell laptop(windows 7) and I cant keep my wireless from disconnecting every 2 minutes. its really annoying and cant hardly do anything!. it didn't do it when i had ATT internet but we recently switched back to our cable companies internet and i started having this problem(my mom doesn't have this problem with hers). when it does it i right click and click troubleshoot and it always comes up with these reasons:

"Wireless Network Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration
The Default gateway is not available

when i do the manual diagnostic tool it passes all the test except the ping test and says Response: Default Gateway No Response: DHCP Server

so any idea what the problem is? could it be that my computer or wireless adapter isn't compatible with my cable modem? we have a wireless one. I don't ever recall having this problem when we had ATT. is it also possible my wireless adapter/card is bad?
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  1. What kind of encryption do you setup for the wireless on the router? WEP, WPA, WPA2? Have you tried taking off the encryption on the router and seeing if the problem persists?
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