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I'm looking for a SSD to put some of my most anticipated games on that I'll most likely play the most. If all I can store on it is Watch Dogs, Dragon Age Inquisition, and The Witcher 3 then that'd be great. I'd prefer to stay around $100 if possible. It'd be nice to have more storage space but I doubt there's many, if any, SSD's out there that have more than 120 GB and are around $100.
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  2. Yeah, it certainly does look like it would be a good choice. Do you or anybody else know anything better than that, if not, then that might be my best bet.
  3. The 840 EVO has done me very well, RAPID mode is great and can double the speed of the SSD, it really helps with loading times in games in which that is an issue
  4. I just hope those games don't take 85GB like Titanfall did. It got relegated to my HDD!
  5. I might go with the 840 EVO then, I should be fine space wise as long as The Witcher 3 doesn't take like 60 GB or something like that.
  6. Will probably be more around 20-25GB
  7. Really? It seems like it's going to be a very large game, ESO was 60 GB and even though it's a massive world I have a feeling The Witcher 3 is going to be a lot more dense. You're probably right though, because Watch Dogs only requires 20 GB.
  8. It is a rough estimate, but it is what most people are speculating, I think it will be fine, if you are worried about it you could save up and get a larger ssd
  9. Yeah I suppose, I have a 1 TB HDD currently installed but it only has 400 something GB left on it. That brings up a question I have about my HDD. I used to have a different motherboard installed and when I switched it out for a newer and better board I had to install a new OS system on it. I figured that by installing the new OS that it would wipe my HDD too and it did but I don't think the number changed any because in reality I've only used about 200-300 GB but it says I'm at 483 of 931 GB. Have any ideas on what happened?
  10. Samsung 840 PRO series are faster than EVO series but they also cost more.
  11. Thanks fredjohnson, that's a great price for a SSD but I'm afraid it's not compatible with Windows 7 or 8. I think I'll go with the 840 EVO or PRO, depending on the price difference.

    whose lifetime? Usually the lifetime of the product! Besides, even if it is a good warranty, that doesn't mean it won't break and lose all your data. It just means they might give you a new one.
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