Asus IV Rampage Black Edition or Asus MAXIMUS VI FORMULA?

I'm thinking of Building myself a system but it will take a hell lot of time so save up for a build. So I'm thinking of getting the Motherboard and CPU first. (Purchases as a bundle) (Pricelists here: Black Edition; , IV Formula; ). The Motherboard price alone is in the black Column. And the bundle prices is in the other white Columns.

I know the prices of these components are very expensive here in Singapore. I would also prefer to order everything online. So not putting into account the prices of the Motherboard and CPU's into account, Which motherboard is better and what unique features does each have. And in conclusion, Which one do you think I should get? Or should I just save up and wait till the new CPUs and DDR4?

Thanks for your advice in advanced!
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  1. That depends on which CPU socket do you want, Socket 2011 or Socket 1150? Both of them a great motherboards for their socket.
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    I'd hold off regarless till next month and take a look at the new Z97s (around May 10) that are coming out along with the Haswell Refresh CPUs, the K models are due about June 4
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