Is turning my PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot a good idea or should I rather install a Wi-Fi router instead?


I want to Wi-Fi my home but my motherboard doesn't support Wi-Fi but I'm connected to the internet through a high speed LAN connection. Now, I was thinking of cutting the cost of buying a Wi-Fi router and rather installing a Wi-Fi adapter to get Wi-Fi for my mobile and other devices. So, is this a good idea and what are the pros and cons of a turning a home pc into a hotspot and is it safe?

Let me know.

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  1. Just get a wi-fi router. They're cheap and much, much more powerful. A hotspot will be slower with a much shorter range.
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    No, you will not require a wi-fi adapter. All you do is keep it set up as is, just connect the wi-fi router directly to the modem, and then you can connect your other devices to it. Like this:
    You are thinking of it like this:
  3. thanks a ton ewok93. i didn't know that i could directly connect my router to the modem to enable a wi-fi connection. thanks a lot. i'll keep my modem connected to my pc and connect the router to enable a wi-fi for my devices. thanks again.
  4. No problem, happy to help.
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