White NZXT Switch 810 and H100i concerns - help needed


I was about to buy the switch 810 in white when i noticed a review on amazon that stated i'd have to drill holes in order to mount a 140mm radiator. "NZXT has released the Special Edition models of this case, the Matte Black and the Gunmetal versions, which have the proper spacing for 140mm radiators up top (no need to drill your own holes for the middle/rear fans)," i'm obviously a bit concerned by this as i dont want to have to do this. I plan on using an H100i which i already have.

Should this fit in this case from amazon without a problem?

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  1. So based on this i should be fine without any modifications?
  2. I have both that case and the h100i and didn't need to drill anything. Your fine and the case is great but HUGE! Lol
  3. I have the Switch 810 with a H100i GTX, fits perfectly fine, with 3 fans above it, and 1 to the side.
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