H100i for Silence - Mitx CPU Cooler

I have an Mitx case Corsair 250d, Im looking to get an Mitx CPU cooler which will be silent.
The H100i will fit in the case was wondering whether it would be a good option. Im not looking for mad overclocks. Might do a bit but am more concerned with a silent rig

If not are there any other good options which are recommended

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    If your primary concern is noise, then a water cooler probably isn't the best option. Not only do you have fan noise (you can replace them with quieter ones), there's also noise from the pump.

    I have a Zalman CNPS8900 Quiet which is a great air cooler. Even at 100% load it's whisper-quiet and keeps my 4.4Ghz 2500k below 70C.
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