My PC Wont Let Me Install Java And Flash Player

For some reason my pc will not let me install java and flash player every time i click on the software what gets downloaded it comes up do you want to allow this program from a unknown publisher i press yes and nothing happens it just don't load and dispersal

Please help
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  1. So does this keep going on and on - get notified that there's a newer version, do you want to install, yes, the repeat?

    Maybe it installs once you say yes and you don't know. Does not being up to date come up in your Windows Action Centre? (Little flag in the bottom toolbar rh side of your screen). If no, then I think it did actually install.
  2. Hi Dax, I answered you last post.

    It will because you have your settings in internet security set to high.
    Set it to medium if the case.

    It will happen if you have windows, security center or essentials installed if running windows 7 or 8.

    If the system is not yours, or it is used by another person.
    Not home use then an admin of the system may of disabled features to download and install programs as a safe guard.
    In such a case you would have to talk to an admin to set your privileges or user rights to be able to do this.

    Or any install will simply quit, based on what the admin setup as user rights for your account, if the system is used in an office ect and not your own.

    It`s used to stop other users form installing software that may contain a virus or doing system changes that could impair the system.

    May I ask what browser you are using ?
    If your own system simply lower the internet security settings.
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