Hi to all people. I am shibnath Banerjee from India. I have a pentium dual core processor @ 2.7 Ghz. I am going to buy R7 250

I am making a budget gaming machine. I have a low-end cpu,.now buying a buget gfx. So I have question, how much fps can I get from my pc. I have 4 gb ram and windows 7 on my pc.
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  1. The pentium 4 is a single core cpu.
    If you plan to play the latest games, it's certain that you will not be enjoying your gaming experience.

    Most of the modern games require at least a quad core to ensure smooth performance.
    That's the minimum requirement.

    You need to upgrade your pc.
  2. Its not a pentium 4,its a pentium dual core which is far more powerful than P4.
    With R7 250 ,he can get between 30-50 fps at 720p depending on the games on medium-high settings.
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    Bro you can mange games in med-low and get about 35-45 fps at 720p....
  4. Even my phone is faster than your damn PC!!
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