SATA Hard Drives and IDE Hard Drive not Working...

Ok here is what I'm trying to do:

I have a Intel DG33TL Motherboard which is for a Core 2 Quad. I built it and had it running an IDE Hard Drive and an SATA Hard Drive (A) just fine. Both of those are older. I recently bought an additional new SATA Hard Drive WD-Black (B) and tried to install that so that I'd have 2 SATA Hard Dives and one IDE. The IDE is set to master and there is nothing else on that cable.

When I install the new hard drive, after POST it shows me the Intel screen to setup a RAID, I skip that and it goes right to windows which boots really fast. In Windows (Win 7 64 pro), it only shows the old SATA Hard drive (A) in My computer. I go to Disk Management and I see both SATA Hard Drives listed there. The new one (B) is in black and it says no volume. I try to specify a Drive Letter but that option doesn't come up for me. The IDE Hard Drive doesn't show up at all in Windows or in BIOS.

When I disconnect the new SATA Hard Drive (B), it loads up windows really slowly and the IDE Hard Drive shows up in BIOS and Windows. So I've been able to get one or the other but never both.

So Basically I have 3 Questions:

1). How do I get the new SATA Hard Drive to show up in My Computer?
2). How do I get the IDE and 2 SATA's to show up all together
3). Why is it that Windows loads up significantly faster when I attach the new SATA Hard Drive then when I'm just running my older 2 hard drives?

I'm at the point of just transferring the data from the old IDE and just going with the 2 SATA drives but I'd like to find out why this isn't working.

I appreciate any help!
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    You are trying to assign a drive letter in Disk Management. But that's the wrong process - you need to INITIALIZE it (a combination of Partitioning and Formatting). Read WyomingKnott's sticky at the top of this forum:

    Pay particular attention to his Step 5.
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