Battlefield 4 Or Call Of Duty Ghosts?

Which One Should I Buy?
I Need A Minimum Of Moderate Campaign With Cool Awesome Multiplayer.
I Love Destruction
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  1. BF4 has destructible buildings so that might be for you...
  2. I would go with BF4 over CoD. Although, I don't like either (on PC). In my opinion they run like sh*t (BF4 does run better), are very buggy, and don't feel the way I would like it to. All in all, BF4 seems to be the right choice for you.
  3. Pretty much universally it is accepted that Ghosts sucked. Bf4 has the better visuals and by far better mechanics, optimization and gameplay. It's a no-brainer.
  4. I just bought BF4 and play multiplayer.
    It's a lot of fun :)
    I'd get that if I were you.
  5. By and far BF4 is a much more fun and entertaining game. It's riddled with bugs, unfortunately, though most aren't game breaking. I don't know about Ghosts because I don't follow that game.
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    I've played through both single-player campaigns and multi-player on both.

    Single player is fun for both. Multi-player is fun on both. Regarding multi-player, in COD there are basically no camping spots because there always seem to be 3 separate directions from which enemies can hit you and the maps are harder to memorize because structures are so generic. With such generic structures, it's hard to memorize maps or conceive the settings to be all that realistic.

    Battlefield maps have camping spots (as you would see in real-life combat settings) and the features of various buildings/landforms/structures are unique as in real-life.

    Graphics are far better in Battlefield 4. No comparison. Sound is better in Battlefield 4. Weapons, vehicles and overall multi-player gameplay is far better in Battlefield 4.

    All that being said, Battlefield 4 is pretty buggy comparatively. The enjoyment factor far outweighs the occasional annoyances from the game bugs otherwise I would have quit playing it long ago.

    I did not spend much time at all playing Ghosts multi-player because it's just not as good a game and seems far less realistic all the way around, but it is fun.

    Now, I don't spend any time playing COD, but thought I'd give it a go when Ghosts came out. It's not that it's not fun, it's just not even close to what BF4 has to offer.
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