Seagate 1TB hard drive not detected. Formally used in a Ditto NAS

I've had a Ditto NAS system set up for around two years with all our old videos and photo's stored on it as back-up.

It started making a buzzing noise, so got turned off as it was making a racket and we wanted to sleep.

Now I've switched it back on, the ditto isn't detecting the drive. I pulled the drive out and tried plugging it in direct to the PC and it's powering up, but not being detected.

It's a Seagate 1TB Barracuda 7200 and the Ditto documentation states that it uses standard SATA drives, so it's nothing special.

My question is; can the drive be repaired or even have the guts placed into a new drive?

As per usual, we've lost most of the original files through upgrades and reformatting, relying on the Ditto. Is it possible to recover stuff from a hard drive?

Update: It's a ST31000528AS drive which looking on eBay, appears to have a lot of people selling the PCB for "data recovery". Do these drives suffer from poor pcb manufacture, common fault?
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  1. Not sure on that but I have recovered drives by replacing the pcb. Good luck...
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    No a PCB problem is unlikely to cause a buzzing noise the only symptoms that can in most cases be attributed to PCB failure is if the drive is spinning up or powering on at all.
    There's nothing you can do if it's a problem with mechanical instability and buying a replacement PCB without changing the EEPROM/NVRAM with the adaptives data will either not work or make the drive unstable at best.

    You need to get a professional data recovery lab to do a diagnostic for you.

    Based on the diagnostic you'll have a better idea if it's worth attempting a PCB swap on your own.
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