Looking for a good quality gaming mouse..

I've done a lot of research into gaming mice and read a lot of reviews for products from many different brands. I have almost gone into phases of seeing certain models as ideal, but then find one or two flaws with the product in some reviews that put me off it. My budget is preferably around the £60 mark however this can be adaptable and not a strict budget limit. My mouse grip style is a cross between fingertip, claw and palm grip; Yes, I'm a complete hybrid. I do rest my palm on the very bottom of my mouse, then I use fingertips to hold the rest of the mouse and on the left and right click, however I don't arch my fingers like claw, I leave them natural and comfortable while still being able to move the mouse with ease. I currently use a normal Dell optical mouse that came as default with my computer pretty much, so this kind of moulded my grip to be what it is, I could probably adapt but I am unsure how much getting used to that would take. Here is a link to my mouse, I was surprised at the price but I don't know why it is that much.

It is an ambidextrous mouse, therefore this is the type I am used to which is something to bear in mind. I am clueless as to how long it takes to get used to ergonomics if any of you started out in a similar position to me, but I have looked at Ergonomic mice like the Razer Ouroboros (Very expensive) and some of the Steelseries mice. Some other features of the mouse I would like to see are probably 2-4 mouse buttons on the side for thumb, low click pressure and distance on the right and left click so I could click fast for the games I play, and a comfortable non-fatiguing shape to the mouse for long gaming periods. I'm not bothered about wireless or non wireless, but as non-wireless is obviously cheaper I would go with that.

Can anyone give me any suggestions for products and leave any kind of feedback?
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  1. I personally love any of the Steelseries mouses but I'd go for the Razer Ouroboros since it will last a while.
  2. sora said:
    I personally love any of the Steelseries mouses but I'd go for the Razer Ouroboros since it will last a while.

    What SteelSeries mouse do you have, can you tell me if you have any issues or problems with it and how long you have owned it for? I really like the look of the Sensei in its simplistic design and it's ambidextrous which is just what I am used to. If you could give me a brief overview of your thoughts on your mouse that would be much appreciated, I'm beginning to think Steelseries could be the way forward. Also what are the left and right click like for clicking fast?

    Many thanks
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    I personally have the steelseries Xai and I love it, it is one version below the sensei. They are pretty much the same but the sensei has a better processor and better laser. I love how simple it is. As u asked, they have a nice click and u can click pretty fast with it. I am a gamer and stay on the pc for about 8hrs a day and it is still perfect. My hand is medium size and my hand fits perfectly on it and it is very comfortable. I would highly recommend the sensei. If u want a mouse with more buttons though u can either get the naga 2014 or else the new Logitech g502 proteus core which is coming very soon, or out already. The 2 most popular professional gaming brands are steelseries and razer. I have used both brands and (personal opinion) I prefer steelseries mice. I play a lot of world of warcraft which uses a lot of buttons and I didn't even consider getting a naga the four buttons on the Xai is enough. I was going to get the sensei but my Xai is in perfect condition and they are almost identical so I will just wait until a new mouse comes out and then I will change. As I said before I highly recommend the sensei !

    Sorry about all the talking :D
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