Molex adapter for PSU and Mobo

Hello there.
Today I bought a PSU, but f*ck, only now that I unboxed it I see that it has only 4 Pin for CPU :S
Can I use this adapter to change that to 8 pin? ?

I will be using the FX 6300, GTX 750 Ti, 1 HDD, 4 GB RAM...
The PSU:

Will it work? I don't plan to OC so ... Thanks
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  1. yes indeed that will do fine.
  2. You'd be better off using a power supply that is meant to work with your motherboard. You can word around it; I would exchange the PSU if it were me.
    What's the model of the power supply?
  3. Would it work because i cannot buy a new PSU because i bought (this one) today and i cant change it :/ the PSU is an Rhino 550W , 12v1 + 12v2 = about 45A...
    It has enought molex, sata, 6 pin but no 8 pin for CPU would i be good with that adapter without OC with FX 6300?
  4. it will work as the reviews said so.
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    Cool, the card only draws 60 watts. You've got a good power budget. It would probably work. I can't find the page on rating PSUs, so I can't tell you if that is a good one or not.

    EDIT: baniDJ, can you please see the PM (private message) from me? Thanks.
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