looking for a budget amd pc for gaming and 3d projects

Hello im from the philippines and i just want to ask for some advice on whats a good amd PC build for gaming and 3d projects, games like Black Desert Online maybe just for medium settings and 3d programs like blender and unity, budget is around 25-30k pesos , I came here because I really get frustrated about diff names diff parts when I search on what to choose, I have very little knowledge about computer parts,ty
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  1. Where will you purchase the parts from? The prices in the Philippines are different than say America.
  2. I'm buying my parts here in pH, thank you for the response! Now I an idea on what parts and budget I need thank you guys!
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    CPU : FX8350
    GPU : R7 260/Nvidia GTX650
    6GB of RAM
    Motherboard : ASRock 960GC-GS
    Corsair VS500 500 Watts PSU..
    any decent case here..
    Finally if you need, you can add DVD RW,

    But within 30k, its pretty difficult to get a great build.. recommend you to extend it to 40k and add upto 8GB of RAM, HD 7870/ HD 7950. or better still, get a Nvidia GTX660 by extending it to 35k..
  4. You are welcome.. :)
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