Sapphire HD5770 Vapor-X (asus flashed)

Firstly, my first time on the TomsHardware forums.

Used it alot for references on overclocking certain components, so thought I would finally register to ask my own questions :).

Ok, so had this Sapphire HD5770 Vapor-X 1GB for sometime now, so i started knocking around looking how to OC it.

Flashed it with the Asus HD5770 bios to unlock GPU core clocks to get over 1ghz core..

I've looked everywhere for the overall maximum OC of this card on stock volts. The maximums seem to vary depending on everyones systems.

Thanks all.
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    hey there, welcome.

    i believe you've answered your question. you may find maximum OCs of other people's GPUs but, there is no way to tell how far your specific GPU can overclock. the maximum overclock will depend on your GPU itself (more specifically, the quality of the silicon wafer that makes up the GPU). this applies to CPUs as well, making CPUs and GPUs unique. no single GPU or CPU is exactly the same; for example, your friend's exact same Asus HD5770 can reach a 1250mhz core clock while your Asus HD5770 can only hit 1100mhz core clock.

    certainly, you may be able to find a estimated average overclock speed but, to find maximum overclocks, you'll have to keep overclocking and testing for stability until you've reached the temperature or voltage limit. it's also possible that even though temperatures and voltages are within limits, the GPU will not overclock any further (or has trouble keeping a overclock stable).

    hope it helped
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