Thermal Paste - Laptop CPU/GPU

Laptop has been overheating to the point where when i cant play low res games it can be running at 80c and it constantly frame skips and 60 when doing nothing

I have an Intel Core i5 2450M- Sandy Bridge

Order arctic silver 5 paste and the website says i should do the spread method, but i wouldnt say im comforable with that incase i put too much on.

Do you think i could get away with the dot or should i stick with the spreading?

Also should i use something too force it down e.g. bit of glass or some sort of plastic so it covers the whole area?


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    The spread method should work fine. Personally I'd go for the dot method but you'll see an improvement regardless.

    The idea of thermal paste is to fill in microscopic gaps between the CPU/GPU so you don't have little pockets of air acting as an insulator.

    So put on the recommended amount (half a grain of rice?) spread it out a bit, not to the edges though. Then when you put the heat sink on apply as much pressure as you dare. Screw down the heatsink. Reassemble everything and you should be golden
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