When enabling AHCI in bios for SSD I get boot loop at windows loading

I searched & didn't see a topic about it.
I have a Lenovo M57 SFF with C2Duo 2.33 2gb of ddr2 & A Samsung 840 evo 120 gb SSD,

I used samsungs data migration tool to transfer all the data from my existing HDD to the SSD a few days ago all went smooth with no errors, today I installed Samsungs optimization software & it told me I needed to enable AHCI in the bios for maximum performance.
So i did & now I get a infinate loop everytime it gets to the windows color splash screen, a quick blue screen appears too fast to read & then restarts. I have to disable AHCI to be able to boot into windows again,,,, Any ideas ?
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    You need to do the following Registry change BEFORE you change the bios, Otherwiswe as you can see, it won't boot.
  2. Worked perfect thanks !!
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