I want to upgrade the SSD in my Chromebook and I know the 128 GB SSD option works, but would the 256 GB work as well?

I'm basing my evidence on this article:

and this one:

I understand that these articles were made before the 256 GB edition was released, and after doing research as to whether this option was tested, I couldn't come up with anything.

This is the SSD people refer to: and you can see they offer a 256 GB option; would this still work since it is essentially the same model but different storage size?

Any help would be appreciated, I'm thinking about getting this Chromebook and installing Linux on it for my College Computer Science class; I don't need anything fancy and I feel this would be a cost effective option.

If anybody has any input on my laptop choice, that would help as well. Thank you!
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    Yes it will work
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