bsod and rr, multiple problems


after reinstalling windows ( cause of my old ATI card drivers) ive been getting alot of BSOD. main reason - dxkernel and atikmdag.sys.

pc specs:
mobo: z87-k
cpu- i5 4570 (no o.c.)
gpu: hd 4850 512mb
ram: XMS3 8gb 1600MHz
Psu : CX 750w modular

getting these only when trying to play games, nothing like this happens when just browsing ot using other programms..

I'm planning on buying a new gpu, but what to makes sure, that its the problem, and after i get a new one this will not occur again.

Thanks : )
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  1. + im using pc without any gpu drivers, cause they crash my games in like first 5 minutes, then either bsod , black screen or amd drivers have stopped working and now succesfuly recovered. (depends on the game)
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    I'm sorry, you are gaming without any drivers for your graphics card? I'd be surprised if it didn't crash, then. Do you mean you left the ones installed by windows or windows update?

    The sure way to test the card would be to install it in another computer. If that is not possible, Furmark is a good tool to stress your GPU and see if it is the cause. Anyway, if you can't even get the drivers to install after a clean OS installation, then it is pretty clear that the card is faulty.
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