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Hi all, thanks for the read.

So I would like to add another monitor to my PC setup so I can keep browsing the internet while I game and I found out that If I get a monitor that has an articulating feature and is small enough (like -10 inches your monitor) then the 2nd monitor in the portrait mode would perfectly align with the main monitor. Is this true? And if so, are there any good 17 inch monitors out there that have an articulating feature?

Also, would a MSI Radeon 7870 Ghz Edition be able to run one 27 inch monitor and one 17 inch monitor (both 1920x1080)?
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    Yes you can have two monitors, and seperate sizes. your gpu is also well enough to push 2 monitors, i had a 7870 and had 3 23" aoc 1080p monitors and a 65" tv all running same time with no big gaming issues. But thing is about what your asking about. Is gaming and surfing at the same time. When you launch a game, your keyboard and mouse are then directed towards to 'main window' aka gaming screen. So your second screen will display whatever was displayed previous to launching game, but you cant use keyboard and mouse while gaming. I use smaller second screen for temps and monitoring software, and i can have a move playing on the tv, but all that has to be setup before you launch the game. you can always minimize the game and get keyboard controls back, but then the game is minimized and as soon as you relaunch or maximize it, you loose keyboard and mouse again. Even if your not using th ekeyboard and mouse for gaming, i use a controler, the keyboard and mouse are still being directed towards the game. there might be settings you can use to make this otherwise, but ive tried and havent found anything.
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