Modular PSU easier for first time builder?


I was wondering if a modular PSU (as opposed to a non modular PSU) would be easier to handle for someone who has never built a PC before, due to the fact that there is less cords and clutter to deal with. The PSU I am looking at is the Corsair CS650M.

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    Yes, and even for the experienced builder. Modular has the drawback of making the length of the PSU a tad longer due to the connectors and shrink tubing on the cable ends if the PSU has to go into a short compartment. But that would only occur on some mITX builds generally. But for 99% of builds, it makes for less clutter behind the MB tray.
  2. It's nice to have modular PSU in build, I would recommend you Antec HCG-620W PSU it's a semi-modular PSU and much better than Corsair CS and cheaper :)
  3. Thanks everyone, all helpful answers.
  4. Going to agree with clutchc here.

    It's absolutely easier, whether or not you're a first time builder or its your 50th time build. It cuts out a lot of excess clutter you don't have to fight with, which in turn gives you better airflow if you have a smaller case.

    I just did a build with the CS450M and it's working fantastically. You shouldn't have any problems :)
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