HP envy dv7-7332ea high CPU temperatures despite heat sinks being clean.

I had recently cleaned my laptop's fan and hoped that it will reduce the temperatures but the CPU was still running hot at 90C! While the GPU is at 70C (from 80C) at high load. The thermal paste was properly re-applied (a grape pea sized drop in the middle then evenly screw in heat sink). When I cleaned the fan I noticed that there are two heat sinks and that the smaller heat sink is not getting any airflow.

Now, I was wondering if I could mod fan motor to make it spin at higher RPM or replace fan blades or mod the fan walls to give airflow to the smaller heat sink like it was done by someone else here:

I'm unsure if it will help or make situation worse so I need help if this is a good idea or not and if there are alternative solutions to improve cooling of a laptop.
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  1. Sorry, I mean pea sized drop not grape.
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