Is it possible to run a R9 290 on a 550w power supply?

Hello everyone, my older brother recently got 2 R9 290s for his gaming build, only to find out that his motherboard doesn't support SLI. He offered me to have the other one to replace my GTX 660, but I'm worried that I won't have enough power to run it. Here is my current build.

1x 8GB Memory Stick
Z87-A Motherboard
1 TB 7200rpm Hard Drive
ATX 550W power supply

Should I just stick to my 660, or can I use my brother's other R9 290?
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  1. It depends on the power supply you are using. What is the model?
  2. You will need a better PSU!
  3. @bossferas I don't know, but it says LSP ULTRA on the side.

    @rolli59 I can't get a better PSU for now. I just need to know if it's possible.
  4. No.. Just Don't.. if you do put the GPU, there is a very high chance that you will lose your entire system.. Wait till you get a decent PSU of about 700 watts like Corsair, then you can use the R9.. till then, do not use it..
  5. You are going to need a new PSU to be able to use that card in your system.
  6. I recommend getting a better PSU. Even though it might work, it does have some risk of damage
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    LSP Ultra is a basic PSU with only 30amps on the +12 volts and in no way sufficient to run a R9 290!
  8. If you had an gold, top of the line PSU, then yes. With your current one, no (I wouldn't trust it).
  9. How about running the R9 290 with energy savings mode on? Would that be better than the 660?
  10. No not close the 660 only needs a 430watt PSU in the system, the 290 recommended 600watts. Your Ultra has the 12volt amp rating of a decent 400watt unit.
  11. tenderous said:
    How about running the R9 290 with energy savings mode on? Would that be better than the 660?

    Energy savings will not be effective when you are doing actual gaming.. During gaming, the components will consume a lot of power as it has to process a lot of data. and there is a shortage of power with your current PSU. So if there is a shortage of power, the PSU will not be able to cater the needs of the power and it will fail. The PSU when failing, has the potential to destroy your other components along with it.
    Hence, it is not advisable to use the GPU with that PSU.
  12. You will need something like the Corsair RM650 to safely power your R9 290 and the rest of your system.

    If you fry your PSU you have the potential to harm the rest of your system, it's unlikely but you're better off on the safe side.
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