Do I need to reinstall my GPU drivers if I'm replacing it with the same card type?

I recently got a gaming computer from OriginPC, which works great, aside from a small issue involving freezing sporadically when playing a game. That's besides the point; we traced the issue back to the graphics card, and I got an RMA replacement.

Now for the fun part: The GPU I'm using is a GTX 770. Both the one I received and the one I'm currently using are of this chipset. However, the two cards are made by different manufacturers (PNY vs EVGA), and are clocked to different rates (1150 vs 1046/stock).

So with those subtle differences out of the way (as well as more subtle things, such as underclock settings inside EVGA precision) will I need to reinstall my GPU driver, or can I just replace the card and have it run ok?
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    Since they are both GTX 770's, they will use the same drivers. You don't need to reinstall.
  2. If you haven't installed some custom app that comes with either of the cards and are only using the nVidia drivers from their website then you shouldn't need to reinstall.
  3. If its the same number then you're good.
  4. Excellent! That's very convenient. Thanks for the super quick answers!
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