connect a 4G phone with vpn to a computer that has another vpn

Hey guys.

So I work for a company that uses vpn. And the only way to connect it through a smart card.. since my android doesn't support smart cards I need to figure something else out.

Right now I use my 4G connection on my phone, hot spot to my laptop and connect to the vpn with my laptop.

But what I want to be able to do is. Have one computer at home that's always connected to the vpn (company) through my adsl internet. Than setup a second vpn server on that computer that my phone can connect to through the 4G connection, and than have the company vpn on my phone so I can use the companies application (citrix)

is this possible?

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  1. That would really defeat of the smart card if you could do that.

    Though I suppose you could always use teamviewer or the like if you really have to use the apps on your phone.
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