Why does my external hard drive keep freezing on my computer?

I have a Hitachi External Hard drive and I've had it for awhile now. I was using this with my old laptop for a while and it worked perfectly. Thats until I got my new Lenovo y400 with windows 8 and whenever I connect my hard drive and try to access one of my movies or tv shows it freezes and forces me to disconnect it manually to shut down the window. It also freezes other windows while it is plugged in. I thought something was wrong with it and plugged it in to my old laptop and it works perfectly. Is it just windows 8 or my new laptop?
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  1. Try running a check disk just for kicks and giggles.
  2. Hiram27 said:
    Run the Chkdsk to see whether there are some physical damages.

    I didnt mention it in the main body because i didnt think it effected anything but the usb cord has to be bent at a certain angle to read the hard drive. I ran the chkdsk on the hard drive and the system told me everything was ok and working fine with no troublesome files. Any other suggestions to help me access my files without everything freezing?
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