Windows 7 Machine hangs up on startup.

I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7601 Servicepack 1

I get past the Windows loading screen and to the desktop, then it immediately freezes up. You can still see the desktop, it's not a blue screen, but the little circular cursor thing just stays there in the middle of the screen stuck in one position. I can get into safemode to run virus scans and whatnot, but I haven't fixed it with anything yet. Any ideas?
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    If you can successfully boot in safe mode, then some program(s) in your startup is causing the problem, try disable all programs in msconfig->start while in safe mode, then try to boot into normal mode, once there start enabling programs in msconfig->start one by one until identifying the problem.

    If however disabling them all still doesn't get you into normal mode, then most likely some driver is the issue, since those are also disabled (except critical ones) when you get into safe mode.
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